Price: 2.44 - 1.39

Power Detector Tester Socket Contact Induction Socket Safety Tester Outlets Tool


Item model number: WH305

Product material: ABS material

Product color: yellow

Product size: 82.5*38*32mm

Packing size: 100*40*30mm

Product net weight: about 32g

Product gross weight: about 45g

Standard configuration: bare meter (no battery required)

Power supply voltage: 110 (V)

Measuring range: 110v

Measurement accuracy: 1

Socket Safety Tester:

It can easily test whether your socket is safe, and it is a good helper for the electrician!

The new small electroscope, easy to carry, good workmanship and good hand feel, can be compared with non-general low-grade electroscopes!

The following faults can be detected: open circuit of neutral wire, open circuit of live wire, open circuit of ground wire, reverse connection of live wire and neutral wire, reverse connection of live wire and ground wire, reverse connection of live wire and ground wire without ground wire, and detect leakage protector.

Features: 1. Detect for 110V to 125V AC circuit; 2. Simple to use, plug directly into the socket; 3. Detect whether the third wire is connected incorrectly, that is, check whether the ground wire, live wire, and neutral wire are connected incorrectly; 4. Detect the third wire Whether the connection is wrong, that is, whether the ground wire, the live wire, and the neutral wire are wrongly connected


1. It is easy to carry and can easily test whether your socket is safe.

2. Made of superior and durable materials, the service life is longer.

3. The function is powerful, and there are many types of faults that can be tested.


Socket Tester*1+Manual*1

Reminder: The size is measured manually, and there may be a slight gap; because of the different monitors and the shooting schedule, there may be color differences, and everything is subject to the actual product.